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History - 1904 - 1910, Brother Lionel Walrond MP for Tiverton

1866, St Peter's Lodge and St Peter's Mark Lodge

The Member of Parliament for Tiverton, Lionel Walrond, was Initiated in November 1904 passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft the following month and raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason in January 1905. From then until 13th February 1907 when he was appointed Junior Warden he attended the Lodge on four occasions only. During his year in that office he made only two subsequent attendance and was not again present until the 8th September 1909 after his appointment as Senior Warden in absentia the previous February. Special dispensation was necessary before he could be installed as Master on the 9th February 1910. Worshipful Brother Walrond's meteoric rise to the Chair of King Solomon in the space of 5 years and after only attending Lodge on fourteen occasions must be without parallel and surely there is no other example of a Master occupying the Chair once during his year of office and conducting not a single ceremony.

1914 - 1918, the Great War and Jubilee