square and compasses

History - 1920s, Beck Square and the creation of daughter lodges

1914 -1918, the Great War and Jubilee

From very early days the heavy cost of repairs to the Lodge premises was a constant source of concern and the initial decision not to erect our own Masonic Hall was constantly regretted. The natural reluctance to embark upon extensive repairs and improvements within a few years before the expiry of a lease resulted in heavy expenditure at a later date. A sub-committee formed in 1922 to look into the question of acquiring the Beck Square premises recommended that the matter should not be pursued and it was not until 1925 that the Lodge finally purchased the building and adjoining cottages for £1200. The sum of £718 was spent immediately on alterations and redecoration and less than two years later further expenditure of £312 was incurred for repairs to the fabric of the Lodge building and cottages.

1940 - present day, the creation of a second lodge, the All Souls, in Tiverton and the move to Castle Street