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Blaise Pascal College No 70

Date of warrant 20th October 2001.


Blaise Pascal College 70, meets on the last Saturday in March and the third Saturday in October, with the installation meeting on the Last Saturday in June in the Tiverton Masonic Centre.


Extracted from ‘The History of the SRIA’ by T.M. Greensill MBE, second edition 2003.

Born in Auvergne in 1623, Blaise Pascal had a classical education which excluded mathematics. This he taught himself to the extent that he understood the 32 Propositions of Euchlid's Elements by the age of 12. By 16 he understood ellipses, parabolas, hyperbolae and the mathematics of conic sections, and at 22 invented a working calculator. As a young man he experimented with gambling odds, formulating his theory of probability. Other experiments using mercury barometers proved the changes in air pressure due to altitude and the premise that the Earth had an atmospheric 'envelope'.

On 23rd November 1654 he had a mystical experience which caused him to write books in defence of Christianity and of Faith within the person.

He worked on plans to provide the first horse-drawn carriage public transport in the world, in Paris, but ill-health and ascetic practices caused his early death aged 39 on 9th August 1662.

The purpose for a new College in Devon was to provide a centre in the north of the Province and Tiverton was chosen, partly on account of ample parking in the town's car park.

The College was consecrated on Saturday 20th October 2001 at the Masonic hall, Dunheved Road, Saltash, Cornwall by Frater Andrew Stephenson (as the Supreme Magus was in hospital) together with a team of high Council officers.

The first Celebrant, Frater P.C. Evans was installed by Frater Derek Mortimore, Chief Adept of the Province.

Fratres' Area

The Fratres' Area contains information and resources which may be of interest to the fratres of the College, e.g. details of the college library. Fratres requiring access to the members area please contract the Provincial Secretary

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