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Paracelsus No 27

Date of warrant 27 March 1982.


Paracelsus College No 27, meets on the third Saturday in March and June and the fourth Saturday in September (Installation) at the Masonic Hall, 89 High Street, Yatton, Somerset, BS49 4DW.


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Extracted from ‘The History of the SRIA’ by T.M. Greensill MBE, second edition 2003.

After a lapse of 25 years, the Society was re-established in the County of Somerset by the Consecration of the Paracelsus College at the Masonic Hall, Taunton, on 27th March 1982. The College was founded largely from fraters of the Robert Fludd College which had met at Bath for over 70 years, had removed to Salisbury and more recently to Andover.

Of the 21 Founders, the majority were experienced members of the Society: two of the Third Order and fourteen of the Second Order. The First Celebrant was Frater C.St.C. Crossley, the Suffragan of the Southern Counties Province, who became the Chief Adept shortly after the Consecration of the College. Six months after this event, Frater K.B. Jackson, who had been appointed as Suffragan of the newly-established Province of the South Western Counties, was Installed as the second Celebrant of the College.

The wealth of experience of the Founder enabled the College to get off to a good start. From the Consecration in June 1982 to June 1986, 23 Zelatores were admitted to the College with four Joining Members. Of the latter, Fratres T.H. Rose and A.C. Webb were Past Celebrants of the William Semken and Robert Fludd Colleges respectively. Both made important contributions to the work of the College and to the Province.

Due to the build-up of the membership of the College following the Consecration, only two papers were presented in the early years. The first paper given by Frater H.J. Ward was entitled, 'Paracelsus and Iata-chemistry'. This set out to explain the importance of Paracelsus to the concepts of modern scientific and medical thought and theories. The second paper by Frater M.A. Cameron on 'The Early Rosicrucians', from notes prepared by the late Frater George Grosvenor, CBE, a former Chief Adept of the Province of the Western Counties. Many professional papers have been published by Frater Dr. J.H. Davie in the Journal of the Linnaean Society in the field of botanical science.

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