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St. Piran No 46

Date of warrant 29th October 1988.


St. Piran College No 46, meets on the second Saturday in February and September and the first Saturday in July (Installation) at 12pm at the Masonic Hall, Liskey Hill, Perranporth, Cornwall, TR6 0HR.


Extracted from ‘The History of the SRIA’ by T.M. Greensill MBE, second edition 2003.

The Society having become well established in Devon it was inevitable that the Cornish fraters would seek to establish a College in their own county. In March 1988 Frater Jack Prince was in a position to inform the Supreme Magus that they were anxious to start a College at Truro to be named after St. Piran. He quoted from an early document 'Piran brought the Light of Christ to Cornwall' and enclosed a copy of E.W.F. Tomlin's 'In Search of St. Piran' which aroused the S.M.'s enthusiasm for the College.

The College was Consecrated on Saturday 29th October 1988 by the Supreme Magus, Frater Alan Davies, who had managed with some difficulty owing to sickness and problems with the trains to gather a full team of High Council officers to support him. Sadly the nominated First Celebrant, Frater Jack Prince and chief organiser, was seriously ill in hospital and Frater Fowles was installed in his stead by the Grand Celebrant, Frater K.B. Jackson, Chief Adept of the Province.

Happily the College quickly established itself as one of the stronger, enthusiastic, Colleges of the Society.

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