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Holy Grail No 21

Date of warrant 4th June 1976.


Holy Grail College No 21, meets on the first Saturday in March (Installation), June and the first Saturday in September (after the Provincial meeting) at the Mount Edgcumbe Masonic Hall, Citadel Road, The Hoe, Plymouth PL1 2NG.


Extracted from ‘The History of the SRIA’ by T.M. Greensill MBE, second edition 2003.

The first formal petition to form a College in the extreme West of England was submitted in June 1970, an inopportune time. Headquarters was preoccupied with cramped conditions in Great Queen Street, which caused great difficulties with general administration. Also, the Chief Adept of the South Western Counties was concerned lest a new College would seriously undermine the strength of Robert Fludd College. For these reasons, the petition did not receive the assent of the Supreme Magus and his High Council.

Following his enthronement in 1974 the Supreme Magus, Frater Captain D.M. Penrose TD, intimated that he would look favourably on a new application for a College in the West Country, and Frater Keith B Jackson enlisted support from fraters prepared to participate as founders.

At this time the Robert Fludd was meeting at Salisbury and, as the most westerly College, covered the western counties. Not surprisingly, the founders were derived from this College, eight of them living in Devon.

On 4th June 1976, the Holy Grail College was Consecrated as a part of the business of the Triennial General Assembly held in Duke Street, St. James's, London, the ceremony being taken by the Supreme Magus. Frater C.St.C. Crossley was duly Installed as the First Celebrant. The Warrant empowered the College to hold its Convocations at the Zetland Masonic Hall, Dunheved Road, Saltash.

From its inception the College has attracted many zealous and erudite brethren and, during the first year, gained twelve by admission and three from joining. The membership has steadily increased over the intervening years, the emphasis being on the candidates' capability and potential, and this policy has achieved a marked degree of success.

The College moved to the Masonic Hall, Citadel Road, The Hoe, Plymouth in November 1984, this being more central for the majority of members. However it has since returned to Saltash where the Temple is of a size which enables it to host the provincial meetings of the Province of Devon and Cornwall and the venue for the Consecration of Blaise Pascal College in 2001. It takes pride in having provided itself with all the necessary furniture to work the Adept grades.

Note: The College moved to the Masonic Hall, Callington in 2010.

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