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Corpus Christi No 33

Date of warrant 27th October 1984.


Corpus Christi College No 33, meets on the last Tuesday in January, third Thursday in June (Installation) and third Friday in October at the Masonic Hall, Hollands Road, Teignmouth TQ14 8SR.


Extracted from ‘The History of the SRIA’ by T.M. Greensill MBE, second edition 2003.

This College was born out of the high level of interest created by the establishment of our Society in the West Country in the Holy Grail College at Plymouth. With several members of that College residing in the Torbay area, it was a natural development for them to seek to found a College in the locality. A Petition signed by nineteen fraters was approved by the Supreme Magus and his High Council, and the date for Consecration was arranged for 27th October 1984.

The ceremony took place in the Masonic Temple, St. Margaret's Road, St. Marychurch, Torquay, one of the loveliest Masonic Temples in Devon. The Supreme Magus, Frater Alan Davies, assisted by a team of High Council officers, Consecrated the new College, and the Grand Celebrant, Frater Chris Crossley, installed Frater G.H. Stafford as the first Celebrant.

The name of the College was derived from the unanimous conviction among the Founders that, within the portals of our Rosicrucian Colleges are to be found the answers to the Quintessence of Life as revealed through the example of the Life of Our Lord. This conviction appears to have been justified by the success of the College and its sponsoring of the Blaise Pascal College in North Devon.

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